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South Bay Chinese School
南灣中文學校 - 創立于1971年服務南灣地區40+年,從未更改校名,也没有開設分校.  WHY  Should  YOU ? Is it  SAFE? [CLICK ]

South Bay Chinese School



初小組  12/3/2004 至 12/2/2006 (6-8 yo 1st level)

  初級組  12/3/2002 至 12/2/2004   (8-10 yo 2nd level)

  中級組  12/3/1999 至 12/2/2002  (10-13 yo 3rd level)

    高級組  12/3/1996 至 12/2/1999  (13-16 yo 4th level)

    中學組  12/3/1992 至 12/2/1996  (16-20 yo 5th level)
younger group and special non-heritage late Chinese learner (over age 9) group available - please inquire
  8 years old and above must carry folder with both hands - no hand gestures allowed.
感情表達  (Emotional expression):25%
聲  調 (Control of voice and loudness)25%
姿  態 (Posture and body language)25

發音準確 (Pronunciation):25%
6 min Max

Winners represents SBCS to attend intra-community event 

SCCCS Competition: 4/27/2014 8am to 12noon Arcadia High School 180 Campus Drive Arcadia, Ca 91007
SCCCS Award 5/4/2013 10:30am 9443 Telstar Ave. El Monte, Ca 917

南灣中文學校 South Bay Chinese School website Phone Number: (310) 780-0222 School Location: 27118 Silver Spur Road, Palos Verdes Estates, 90274