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South Bay Chinese School
南灣中文學校 - 創立于1971年服務南灣地區40+年,從未更改校名,也没有開設分校.  WHY  Should  YOU ? Is it  SAFE? [CLICK ]

South Bay Chinese School
Our Mission

South Bay Chinese School is a non-profit organization serving the community since 1971.

The school is dedicated to (1) providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for students to learn the Chinese language; (2) instilling an awareness of the Chinese heritage; (3) creating programs to introduce Chinese culture to the community thereby building bridges of understanding with people of all cultures.

WE are about Children and Adults

“, our kids are getting more than what is in textbooks or curricula, performances 
or picnics; our students and TAs are exposed to the rare, priceless opportunity to witness their parents as role models, living and doing leadership and service in action, right before their own eyes, side by side with them, showing by example the magic of collaboration and the power of team work, skills they will need as they inherit the future."  
- Sophie Shiang, SBCS Volunteer Parent, SBCCA Board Advisor

South Bay Chinese Culture Association is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political organization committed to serving the Greater South Bay or any interested residents by teaching and promoting the richness of Chinese culture, language and arts.

本校為一非營利, 非政治, 非宗教組織. 以宣揚中華文化並提供社區人士學習中文的機會為宗旨 

南灣中文學校 South Bay Chinese School website Phone Number: (310) 780-0222 School Location: 27118 Silver Spur Road, Palos Verdes Estates, 90274